ReKon Low Profile Termite Traps

ReKon Termite Traps with their secondary lid are the most advanced low profile termite trap on the market and ideal for those non-garden areas around the perimeter of your house, lawns, paths, stones, helping you complete your termite monitoring and baiting system.

How many Termite Traps do I need?

The greater the number of termite traps that you install, the greater your protection!

“Simple Peace of Mind Termite Trap System”
Purchase the number of termite traps that you can afford, ReKon Low Profile for non garden areas and/or Termite Eliminator Garden Traps for garden areas and install 3 to 5 metres apart.
eg. 5 x ReKon Low Profile Termite Traps & 3 x Termite Eliminator Garden Traps
Additional termite traps can be purchased at any time in the future and installed to increase your protection level.

“Maximum Protection Termite Trap System”
The number of termite traps needed for maximum protection is the perimeter of your house measurement divided by 3 to 5.
Example: If the perimeter measurement is 60 metres, with an average spacing of 4 metres apart you will need 15 traps.
This may require a mix of both ReKon Low Profile Termite Traps for non garden areas and Termite Eliminator Garden Traps for garden areas around your house. The termite traps should be installed at an average distance of 3 to 5 metres apart.


Australia’s very first Termite Trap System especially designed for Australian Gardens – as gardens provide ideal conditions for termites they create the perfect position to install your Termite Eliminator.
Click Here For Information on Termite Eliminator Garden Traps & Termite Bait

As termites constantly groom and feed each other, a valuable tool to help eliminate termite colonies is the installation and monitoring of a termite baiting systems around premises or where termite foraging is likely to occur.
Termite baits are designed to be non-repellant to the termites and have a unique delayed effect, time enough to be passed onto other termites in the colony, including the queen, with sufficient dosage leading to the elimination of the entire colony.
Installing a few termite traps in your garden, does not give you full termite protection in accordance with the AS 3660.2-2000.
We strongly recommend you have regular termite inspections carried out by a licenced Pest Controller
who will advise you on which Termite Management System would be best suited to your property.

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