Termite Eliminator – The Ultimate Termite Trap

With years of experience we have been able to design the Termite Eliminator without the faults of previous termite monitoring systems. With our unique design it is the only Termite Trap on the market today especially made for Australian gardens.
The Termite Eliminator is designed using over 18 years experience in the industry including certification in the use of many different types of termite monitoring and baiting systems.

Sample Installation Diagram
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Termite monitoring and baiting systems do not rely on toxic chemicals, they are not invasive and disruptive to install, are environmentally friendly and very safe for you, your family and pets.
The Termite Eliminator is especially made for Australian gardens as it comes equipped with its unique patented lid system:

The Ornamental Lid to help it blend in with the landscape of your garden but will not get lost in the foliage, soil, mulch, bark, stones etc.

The Secondary Lid system, which is not available in any other DIY TERMITE TRAPPING SYSTEM in Australia.
The Secondary Lid system makes it perfect for the home owner as you can inspect and treat the traps with minimum disturbance of the termites, which gives you a greater success rate in eliminating termite colonies, which are in striking distance of your home, at a minimum cost.

Gardens provide ideal conditions for termites, so by installing Termite Eliminator traps you have a very good chance of intercepting the foraging termites so they can be treated before they enter your home.

Termite traps are not a ‘barrier’ an do not provide residual protection. The Australian Standards AS3660.2-2000 states: Baiting systems may be used to manage or eradicate existing termite colonies and to monitor for future activity. They are not prophylactic barrier systems and may not prevent future attack. They may be used alone or in conjunction with conventional barrier systems. Baiting can be useful in chronic re-infestation situations where other methods have been unsuccessful. Baiting systems do not impede concealed termite access into a building or structure.

Termite traps are a proactive system which delivers an additional benefit to professional pest managers.

The Termite Eliminator will save you thousands of dollars in professional treatments and termite damage repairs while giving you the peace of mind as it helps you to save your biggest asset … YOUR HOME!

If you already have existing termite protection the Termite Eliminator is the perfect system to give your home that added protection.

As termites constantly groom and feed each other, a valuable tool to help eliminate termite colonies is the installation and monitoring of a termite baiting systems around premises or where termite foraging is likely to occur.
Termite baits are designed to be non-repellant to the termites and have a unique delayed effect, time enough to be passed onto other termites in the colony, including the queen, with sufficient dosage leading to the elimination of the entire colony.
Installing a few termite traps in your garden, does not give you full termite protection in accordance with the AS 3660.2-2000.
We strongly recommend you have regular termite inspections carried out by a licenced Pest Controller
who will advise you on which Termite Management System would be best suited to your property.

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