Termite Eliminator Installation & Inspection

Easy to install – 5 minutes
Easy to inspect – 2 minutes
Easy to treat – bait it yourself or call your pest controller


Timber Receptors
Place the timber receptors into the container.

Secondary Lid
Replace the secondary lid.

Ornamental Lid
Replace the ornamental lid.

Dig a small hole & bury the trap up to the rim of the lid.

Check that the timber receptors are still stacked in place.
Replace the secondary lid.
Screw down the ornamental lid for safety (optional).

If you have a number of Termite Eliminator traps in the one garden, place the traps 3 – 5 metres apart.


Inspect your traps every 6 to 8 weeks.

1 Remove the safety screw, if used, and the ornamental lid.


2 Remove the rubber plug from the centre of the secondary lid.

3 Shine your torch down the hole to inspect for termite activity.

If the hole or timber receptor cavity is blocked with mud (this is a good indicator that there is termite activity in the trap) just break it away with a long narrow screw driver and shine your torch in again.


4 If you are still not sure you have termite activity, slowly lift up the secondary lid on a slight angle.
If you see termites quickly replace the lid and rubber plug

Remember minimum disturbance is important!


5 Bait it yourself or contact your local Pest Controller for a treatment.
Termite Bait, including a complete baiting procedure is available on our products page.

Once treated screw down the Ornamental Lid for safety, either by yourself or your Pest Controller.


If there is no termite activity and the trap needs a clean out, eg. soil roots etc, remove the timber receptors, give the container a clean and replace.

Reset your Termite Eliminator trap and check again in 6 to 8 weeks.


As termites constantly groom and feed each other, a valuable tool to help eliminate termite colonies is the installation and monitoring of a termite baiting systems around premises or where termite foraging is likely to occur.
Termite baits are designed to be non-repellant to the termites and have a unique delayed effect, time enough to be passed onto other termites in the colony, including the queen, with sufficient dosage leading to the elimination of the entire colony.
Installing a few termite traps in your garden, does not give you full termite protection in accordance with the AS 3660.2-2000.
We strongly recommend you have regular termite inspections carried out by a licenced Pest Controller
who will advise you on which Termite Management System would be best suited to your property.

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